Fairy Tails
by Leto
Story 2 - Good luck

"Did you know?" asked the Chansey, "we have been helping in the medical profession for a long time."

"I did know that."

"Did you know?" asked the Chansey, "we are a dying race?"

"I did know that."

"Do you know why?"

"Please tell me."

"I must pass the story along. There is not long left, and not all Chansey know it."


All breeds of Pokemon have their problems, but we were lucky. In fact, some people even called us Lucky, because good luck followed us around.

The only difference between us and other Pokemon was that we couldn't play. We had to be careful and quiet always. When we were born, a tiny egg was born with us, and stayed in our pouch.

Any Chansey that was too rambunctious got into trouble. That small egg, which grew with us, was the future of all Chansey. That egg was the only way for a new Chansey to be born. When the Chansey carrying it would die, the egg could finally hatch.

So, no Chansey have parents. None that are alive, anyway. We didn't have to fend for ourselves at an early age though. All other Pokemon liked us, and they would protect baby Chansey. In return, when we grew up, we became the healers of the Pokemon world. How do you think wild Pokemon ever keep surviving as normal after escaping a battle with a trainer?

But more than that, we were the babysitters. Everyone had to be careful of us because our egg could hold anything.

Do you understand why Chansey are so rare? A Chansey's egg can hatch into any Pokemon. If it becomes a Chansey, that is the best thing of all. I shouldn't say that, because other types of Pokemon are important, but... Chansey needs a future.

We're lucky Pokemon, so there are always some Chansey whose eggs create another one.

But every time there was a Chansey that was too cheerful or carefree, the future of all Chansey would become darker. There were tens of thousands of Chansey in the world at the start, but since then, there've been less of us.

I don't know where the first Chansey came from. Where they came from, nobody knows. Maybe we were always here?

Do you know? Does anybody know?

My egg is ready to hatch. I have been serious my life long, so I can protect it.

I work in a Pokecenter. I use Softboiled on other patients. I use Softboiled with the egg in my pouch. Because Softboiled is a power only for Chanseys, surely, surely my egg will continue my species... the good luck Pokemon.

Good luck...


"Don't die! Chansey, you're not finished yet. Can't you ever have an egg without dying? Isn't there hope for any of you?"

Chansey looked happy, but it didn't respond.


Nurse Joy looked at it, and knew that none of her treatments would work. Her best Pokemon was dead, but now she knew a lot more than she did before.

She slipped the egg from Chansey's pouch and looked at it, almost reverently.

Then, as she watched, a large crack split down the middle.

The egg seemed to breathe, gently, before bursting open and sending a thousand pieces of shell to the ground.

A small Pokemon looked at her.

"This is good luck?" Joy asked her, "are you going to bring good luck?"

The baby Pokemon blinked its new eyes. The eyes were innocent, yet had depth.

"Mew," it whispered, and flew away before Nurse Joy could stop it.

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